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Traditions are the foundation
of the future

JSC "DNIPROVAGONREMBUD" is one of the oldest enterprises of railway carriage repair and railway-building industry of Ukraine.


In 1898, the main wagon  workshops of Katerynynska (now Prydniprovska) Railway, consisting of four shops, were built on the left bank of the Dnieper. In 1926, the workshops were reorganized to Lower Dnieper Railway Car Repair Plant - an enterprise, which specialized in repairing passenger and freight cars.

Postwar times

The plant was evacuated to Barnaul in 1941, at the beginning of World War II. 

Its restoration, which lasted 10 years, began after the deoccupation of Dnipropetrovsk in 1943.


First products were produced in 1943, freight cars in 1944,  passenger cars in 1945. The plant was reconstructed at the same time as its restoration.


In 1948 the enterprise completely refocused on the repair of passenger cars. Repairing of passenger cars, which required major changes in technology and organization of production, was mastered in 1952. The plant successfully coped with these tasks, constantly improved existing and implemented new technologies, increased production volume.


Lower Dnieper (since 1966 - Dnipropetrovsk) Railway Car Plant confidently occupied leading positions in the ironworks, repairing rolling stock for the railways of USSR.


However, in the 1990s, with the collapse of the USSR, the situation became much more complicated. The difficult situation of the railways had a negative impact on the state of the enterprise itself: production volumes decreased, and debts to suppliers, the budget, and workers increased catastrophically.


In those days the plant established cooperation with leading foreign manufacturers and mastered new types of production.


The plant was reorganized into the Joint-Stock Company "Dnipro Railcar Repair and Construction Plant" (JSC "DNIPROVAGONREMBUD") at the end of 1998. The privatisation of the enterprise  starts at 1999 and ends at 2000.


With the help of investors who are interested in the development of production, competent management and providing the necessary funding, the supply of materials, components, energy, fully stabilized economic situation and, consequently, achieved an increase in production volume.

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Present time

The plant's products are in demand not only in Ukraine but also in other CIS countries. Nowadays, JSC "Dniprovagonrembud" confidently occupies a leading position in the industry, performs all types of repairs of passenger and freight rolling stock.


Production of gondola cars model 12-9790 with a capacity of 70 tons was mastered in 2011. The main goal in the near future is to optimize iindustrial processes, introduce new technologies and expand the range of products.

In July 2021, JSC "DNIPROVAGONREMBUD" expanded the scope of the certificate JSC "UKRZALIZNYTSIA" (Ukrainian Railways) to provide the repair of freight cars. Certification of the non-destructive testing laboratory was also carried out.

Preserving more than 125 years of experience and traditions, replenishing them with modern technology, JSC "DNIPROVAGONREMBUD" looks confidently into the future.

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