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RIC passenger car

Execution of the works provided by the project allows to increase essentially service life of the car, comfort and quality of passengers service.



  • Complete replacement of the outer skin of the side and end walls of the body (in agreement with the Customer);

  • Partial replacement of the outer roof cladding;

  • Anticorrosive finishing of a body;

  • Exterior painting of the car with the use of modern technologies and materials that meet international standards;

  • Use of heat-insulating material from basalt fiber;

  • The car is equipped with an attic monoblock air conditioning system with automatic regulation of air temperature inside the car;

  • New heating and water supply system;

  • Eco-friendly toilet system with tanks (tank) under the car.

  • Water fire extinguishing system;

  • Installation of new windows made of aluminum profile with thermal insulation and double-glazed windows;

  • Complete replacement of furniture;

  • Production of the car interior on the basis of metal partitions and facing from fiberglass panels.

The car is also installed:

  • Fire alarm system (with light alarm and voice notification);

  • Lamps with individual converters;

  • Information display;

  • Light indication of toilet occupancy;

  • Refrigerator;

  • Microwave;

  • Coffee machine;

  • New control panel for the car's electrical equipment;

  • Video surveillance system;

  • TVs in the passenger part of the car;

  • Conductor call system.

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